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Insights With Impact: exploring the heart of strategy – a case-cracking session with L.E.K. Consulting


14.03.23 17:00 – 14.03.23 21:00


SGH – Sala Kolumnowa

Management consulting spans a seemingly infinite territory. Even within the distinct domain of strategy consulting – what we specialise in at L.E.K. – no one day rings quite the same. Ever-varying clients, projects, industries, and teams on board provide you with a steep yet rewarding learning curve. At L.E.K., our intervention decisively reshapes the trajectory of our clients’ businesses—what they will come to see, in retrospect, as a defining moment.

L.E.K.’s analysis reveals the pattern in the noise, draws coherence out of chaos, and connects partial glimpses into actionable visions. In return, our clients emerge on the other side with clarity of vision, conviction in action, alignment in their organisations, and momentum along their trajectories.

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to crack some real-life client cases to enable you to catch a glimpse into the life of an L.E.K. consultant. Join us to tackle salient client questions surrounding commercial strategy, including… What is our vision? What is our goal? Where will we play? How will we win? How should we configure? How do we start? The session will be highly interactive and candidate-driven, with participants exploring the intricacies of market modeling through diverse market sizing exercises and gathering a view on the key strategic questions inside the beating heart of the C-Suite.

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